Friday, May 23, 2008

What are you Playing this Weekend?

Still no Microwave (we'll get off our asses to get one during the weekend). The awful thing is that the warranty expired two months ago.

In the mean time, a user on the Insomniac Games Community Forums mentionned GripShift when recommending good PSP games to another user. It reminded me of the times when I had the game on my PSP. This is one of those games that was packed with fun, but sometimes the PSP controls hindered the game. The game required really precise moves, but sometimes your thumb would slip or your speed would've been a little too high. But it was still a load of fun.

I then remembered that Sidhe released it on PSN as a downloadable game. I added the funds to my PSN account and downloaded it. Boy, is it a whole lot of fun. And this time, the controls are tweaked and used to perfection. The scheme is almost, or exactly, the same as the PSP game. But with an analog stick and the pressure sensitive shoulder button for gas and brake, it's a lot more "natural" to execute some of the insane moves required in some of the (later) levels.

I also now know why GripShift fans refuse to call this a port... because it's not!. There are some returning stages, but a lot of them so far are brand new with new challenges. There's also the Online leaderboard and multiplayer. It's similar to the original GripShift, but it's clearly not a port.

So I will be playing that ([PS3] GripShift 2.0) along with [PC] World of Warcraft this weekend. Taking it easy - Monday is going to be exausting.

So, what are YOU playing this weekend?