Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rambling Irishman - John Barbour Solo

I finally did it! What did I just do?

In the middle (bridge) and the end of Great Big Sea's John Barbour, there's an amazing whistle piece (you're my hero, Bob!). After a lot of research and notation reading, I found out that it's a modified version of the traditional Irish song Rambling Irishman used for instrumental solos.

I have finally finished writing the ABC Notation.
T:Rambling Irishman ("John Barbour" version)
R: reel
dB | A2AB d2d2 | edef a2bg | a2fe fedB | d3A BAFG |
A2AB d2d2 | edef a2bg | a2fe dBAB | d6 fg |
a2bg a2fg | aabg a3f | a2gf edBd | e2ef edBd !
A2AB d2d2 | edef a2bg | a2fe dBAB | d6 fg ||
I have written the tune in D for whistle fingering even though it's played on a B-flat whistle

If you've never seen or heard of ABC Notation, I wrote an indepth tutorial on the Insomniac Games Forums in 2008.

If you're lazy, the dot-notation is posted after the jump.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bodhrán & Stained Glass

Two new shots on Flickr

Bodhrán & Whistle

I decided to end my photography drought this weekend with a few shots and events. Got two amazing results. First the above shot: My favorite musical instrument couple. The second after the jump.