Friday, October 16, 2009

Photoshop PDF (CS2) Annoyance

Nothing worst than spending hours on a Photoshop layout for print and then realize that no matter what you do, the text rasterizes when you save it as a PDF/EPS. If you have one of the later versions of Photoshop or even some of the older ones (pre-6) it's pretty easy to fix. You just need to be sure that you include Vector data and embed all fonts in the file.

But even then, sometimes a text will simply not stay in Vector. A lot of people will still have problems even by following precise instructions of every Photoshop version there is. That has happened to me today. However, there is one thing to check that I haven't seen anywhere online or in documentation...


Too simple? It worked for my problem this morning, and I even opened up past projects where I hit that wall and it worked there too.

A lot of faux-style/decorations are not supported in the PDF/EPS format. Always use true font-styles/decorations.

Regular posting will start very soon, I promise!