Friday, February 27, 2009

What Are You Playing This Weekend - The Come Back!

And my [PSP] Prinny Impressions

It's the return of recurring themed post. For the newer readers, the concept is simple. I'm asking the question what are you playing this weekend? and you post a comment with your answer.

For me, I won't be playing much, but I will try to game quite a bit still.
  • [PSP] Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero - I'm going to attempt to complete my first playthrough Done!
  • [PSP] Phantasy Star Portable - US Demo - The game is coming out next week and I want to celebrate.
It's another PSP weekend for me.

But what's that, I have [PSP] Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Yes, I do! I had to get the game for three reasons:I do have a warning for those interesed in playing - [WARNING]: This game is HARD!. This game will test the limits of your patience and gaming abilities. Do not believe, though, that the game is hard because it is cheap and unfair. The controls are commiting and stiff, but you are not at the mercy of the game. Jumping too far? Hip Pound. Need extra distance? Double Jump. I've lost over 300 Prinnies so far and they were all because of me—my fault.

This game is a spin-off of the popular SRPG Disgaea series featuring the almighty (ok, that's pushing it) Prinny characters. You control a Prinny and slash your way through a side-scrolling Netherworld. Etna is angry and sends her Prinny-Squad (all 1000 of them) on the quest to find the Ultra Dessert. You go through sidescrolling levels with 1000 lives (Prinnies). If you lose them all, it's game over. But, the items and unlockables obtained are saved, but you have to start over the stage progress.

The game is incredibly fun (even with it's unforgiving difficulty) and has a lot of personality. The sprites are wonderfully animated and the worlds are well themed and designed. There is a crap load of unlockables.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Look

I spent the day choosing and editing a new template for the blog. I also spent a lot of time adapting my custom graphics (header, progress bars, etc.) to match the new look.


XNA Xtreme 101 - Cannon I Completed

That didn't take too long. I completed the coding of Cannon I. Something I didn't post in my previous XNA Xtreme post are the specs of the game. Pretty simple:
  • Simple shooter game where the player shoots one target at a time;
  • The player can't win the game (no goals or targets);
  • Player is controlled with the mouse;
  • Target comes down at a random angle;
  • Each time a target is hit, the following target comes down faster;
  • When the target touches the ground, player looses one life;
  • When all lives are lost - Game Over;
  • Finally, only one projectile can be shot at a time.
Simple enough? Next step is Cannon II where we take the same game to the "Engine" and OO Programming world.

Monday, February 23, 2009

So Much $#@& Snow!

If anyone was following the weather forecast for Northern New-Brunswick (not that any of my readers would have a reason to), you'd know that there was a huge storm coming our way.

The storm is still happening outside. But I can clearly say this. This wasn't the biggest storm we've had in accumulation. Far from it... however, this was the worst storm we've had due to numerous other factors added to the snow fall, such as wind and flurries, but mostly due to the irresponsibility of the municipal plows/snow removal services of getting the plows out only early in the evening when they should've been out several hours before.

The classic administrative policies state that we (management) have the obligation to show up if we can make it there safely. If you're facing a 5 foot snow bank in the street, you can turn around. I was able to make it to the office without too much trouble this morning. The visibility was worst than the snow on the roads at that time.

End of day, time to go back home... one problem... plows are just starting to do their jobs. I still get out to see if I can make it home. I got stuck about two blocks away from where I live. Two great guys came to help. While pushing and pulling, someone was walking from the corner where I had to go and told us to just turn around. He was saying there were snow banks 6 feet high in the street. Once out, I circled a street that was barely open, but safe and realized that the 6 feet high gust accumulations were pretty understated... I estimate they were 7-8 feet high.

So I turn around and go back to the office. Stéphanie was home, but I couldn't get there at all (I have a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire coupe... very low body). Two hours later, I had enough and decided to risk it... with luck the plows would've passed on our street, or at least have had enough traffic to have two tracks I could use.

For risking it, I was risking it. The main roads were cleared, but none of the other roads were cleared at all. There were two tracks and decided to plow my way through... not a good idea. I got stuck about 100 feet from the intersection. I had a small shovel and a lot of determination. After a little bit of determination, I got a little bit of momentum and got to the last intersection before the apartement. Stuck again.

But I was close to home. I called Stéphanie and she came to my rescue with a shovel like a Warrior with a broadsword. She started digging, I was moving my car back and forth. In the meantime, a guy came out of a house near where we were. His truck was already started and he was carrying something. He opened his truck door, dropped what he was carrying and glanced at us. Without hesitation, he grabbed a shovel from his truck bad and came to help. About 150 feet away was 'safety'—not a lot of snow, and a nice trackset. With his help and words of wisdom, we made it out and made it home one hour after I left the office... which usually takes about 5 minutes.

Thank you to the three good samaritans that came to my help. Thank you so very much Stéphanie (my love) for your warrior spirit. And finally, $#@& you, City of Bathurst snow removal services for your inaptitude to act and your irresponsibility, creating a life endangering situation to hundreds of people.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

XNA Xtreme 101 - Starting "Cannon"

I'm finally there. The first visual game of the XNA Xtreme 101 course (although Hyperion is pretty awesome). Here's what Cannon is all about.

Cannon is very simple shooting game where you must shoot an approaching target before it hits the ground. Very reminiscent of some very popular classic games.

The game is going to be created three times, in different versions:
  • Cannon I - A winForm Event Driven Application
  • Cannon II - A WinForm Engine Driven Application
  • Cannon III - An XNA Game
That's a lot of stuff. Better get movin' !

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Layout, Logic, and Creativity Update

Want to know what I've been up to lately? Easy, I've arranged an new furniture layout for the apartment and started to execute it. Now that I have a functional layout that me and Stéphanie are both happy with, it's time to think of the decoration.

As you may have also notice, there's a second progress bar that has been added a few weeks ago. A few days before the extraction of my two upper wisdom teeth, 3DBuzz had a major change for Member Sponsors, which I have been for a few years. I basically have access to several products including something I wanted to learn quite some time ago - C#/XNA/Game Programming.

I've always been more of the logical type than creative. I'm geared both towards logic and creativity—I'm creative with my logic and logical with my creativity. I've always was more natural with programming, though. As you can see, I'm quickly catching up to my masteringMaya progress. It's not necessarly a bad thing. With some reflection I've been doing since the Holidays, I've found my motivation problem with Maya. This is for another post.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Uh oh!

Empty Inhaler
Better see my doctor or pharmacist!