Tuesday, February 24, 2009

XNA Xtreme 101 - Cannon I Completed

That didn't take too long. I completed the coding of Cannon I. Something I didn't post in my previous XNA Xtreme post are the specs of the game. Pretty simple:
  • Simple shooter game where the player shoots one target at a time;
  • The player can't win the game (no goals or targets);
  • Player is controlled with the mouse;
  • Target comes down at a random angle;
  • Each time a target is hit, the following target comes down faster;
  • When the target touches the ground, player looses one life;
  • When all lives are lost - Game Over;
  • Finally, only one projectile can be shot at a time.
Simple enough? Next step is Cannon II where we take the same game to the "Engine" and OO Programming world.