Sunday, April 19, 2009

Design is...

Design is thinking made visual.
---Saul Bass

This is perhaps my favorite quote describing what design really is. Throughtout the years, I learned that design is complex. Essentially it's a rational, logical, sequential process intended to solve problems. In today's world, specifically in the realm of communications, design's true purpose is to communicate a message exploiting the thought-process, culture, experiences of an audience. It is as much art as it is psychology.

Here are some very great quotes to make you think.
Design is the spit and polish, but not the shoe.
---Ellen Lupton

Design without thinking is like a story with no plot.
---Pat Hansen

Design brings content into focus; Design makes function visible.

Design that moves others comes from issues that moves you!
---Jennifer Morla

Design is the child of the concept "efficiency."
---Jorge Frascara

Designers think, so people can feel!
---Juan-Carlos Fernández

Design should never say, "Look at me!" It should always say, "Look at this!"
---David Craib

Design is instilling structure and soul into our naturally chaotic and unintelligible environment.
---Laurinda Spear

Design is the fusion of creativity and restraint.

Design is what a client/boss thinks he can do.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Random Asset

Here's a vector graphic (converted to JPEG for showing you) I worked on for the new header for the newsletter. We decided to drop it because of an unintended under-meaning in the concept. But, since I worked so hard on it, I decided to take it (it is mine after all) and share it with you.