Thursday, May 1, 2008

Scariest Pic You Will See This Week

source: Kotaku; Gamepolitics

I came across this two days ago on multiple sources on the Web, but I forgot to share it because of everything that happened this week.

For those that don't recognize this face, it's the "famous" John Bruce "Jack" Thompson, the man himself with a copy of GTA IV. By the looks of his scruffiness, it "clearly" indicates (;)) that he scored that game at a midnight launch, somewhere in Miami.

Jokes asside, this was sent to numerous industry blogs with the title "Evidence". Jack is probably going to announce that he organised a 'sting' with his son again later this week. Am I the only one who's not affected anymore by any Jack Thompson news? Sure, he called me an idiot a few years ago for asking him his motive for fighting against video games in general (not just violent ones). But I'm passed that.

[offtopic]Speaking of GTA IV, I got my hands on it (rental) and will give my impressions later today or tomorrow.[/offtopic]