Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ISP Problems

I don't want to go in one of my famous detailled rant, so I'll make this short. I may be hard to reach online or update anything. I've been having internet problems for almost a week. Technical Support was a bizzihizatch to go through*.

* On two occasions, I asked the technical support agent to open a trouble-ticket to send a technician over (on-site) to troubleshoot. The agent refused. My father works for them and I had to go through him to get a trouble-ticket open for me.

Technician called me today and explained things to me. Since my dad works for them already (phone technician), I understood what he was saying and I even suggested a few things. He didn't come because I moved back in december. Where I'm at now, they need more than a ladder to get to the line-taps.

It's working on-and-off right now. Better then it was. It's supposed to be fixed by Thursday.

About MM:TF - Only about 39 minutes of videos to go through before I finish Rigging the Alien lessons. Someone emailed me asking to see something about the ship rig. Video Capture's not working for some reason, but I'll at least take shots of both rigs once I'm done.