Sunday, January 9, 2011

Galaxy Grandmaster...


I finally completed the very last star in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Yesterday I decided to sit down and try to complete the very last star in Super Mario Galaxy 2 - The Perfect Run. I had attempted it from time-to-time since July without any luck.

Yesterday alone, I stopped after 78 attempts in two sittings (until the very last area, there is only one star-bit. Unless you accidentally shoot a star-bit or two, you can use that to track your attempts).

There is one area that is really hard for me, the fourth area (there are six screens/area in all). I have problems with timing jumps while avoiding projectiles/obstacles, and not relying on the "spin" since they flip the floor-panels.

I still hate this part...

This morning, I sat down for a bunch of other attempts. After 20 attempts, in about 43 minutes, I had finally completed challenge.