Friday, December 31, 2010

2010... Culmination & What to do in 2011

On this last day of 2010, it's time to look back on the goals I had set myself at the beginning of the year. This is essentially looking back at the three ((1), (2), (3)) posts I made in January where I noted what I wanted to accomplish during the year.

Might as well go with the same order as the posts from January.

Professional Life
This is my one and only disappointment, although it is justified (many personal events, my dad's choir, and so on). I didn't work as much as I wanted to on Web Development.

At the end of the day, we all have a limited amount of time to do what we want in a day. This is my priority of the 2011. I'm going by the same goals-list as last year.

I am very happy with this. I found my near perfect balance in gaming. I don't buy as much games as I did before and I'm more satisfied with my completion-rate than before. The trifecta is not really complete, though.

I spent the year testing this and playing games I really wanted. By doing this, I haven't been staying in touch with the industry. I missed out on a lot of great new releases.

I know what I can do to remedy this problem. If I'm not sure or unable of buying, I can simply rent a game. In a few days time, I can find out where a game stands for me. This is pretty much the only way to my perfect gaming trifecta: Staying in touch with the industry -> Completion -> Not over-spending.

There is one gaming goal I am setting before the summer : getting Platinum Trophies in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time, Borderlands, and Assassin's Creed II (and possibly Brotherhood as well).

Personal Life
A recurring theme for me in my New-Years Resolution is health - I always want, and still do, to eat less (I don't eat terribly bad, just a lot) and exercise more. I have some improvements to do in the nutrition side, but I surprised myself this year by climbing Mt. Sugarloaf. This was a feat of physical endurance for me. It proved to me that my cardio is much better than it was at this time last year. I'm looking of doing this again and possibly going up Mt. Carleton this summer as well. For this, I need to start exercising daily again - something simple like taking the stairs daily at the office would be enough.

I unfortunately did not work enough on learning the Irish Whistle this year, but I am taking Bodhrán classes. What was just a curiosity and fascination last year is now part of my musical tool-belt. It's an incredibly fun instrument to play. But, I don't fear for the Irish Whistle—I found motivation in working on some specific tunes, including one in 7/8 ("Wrong Foot Forward" by Flook). Sometime in January, I'm going to rework my practice schedule in include the basic techniques I need to work on (*cough*ornamentation*cough*) around the songs I truly want in my repertoire.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the year. Even though I didn't accomplish everything exactly as I noted them, I still think I pleased the majority of the goals I had set myself, although in some cases a bit differently.

In 2011, I want to essentially follow-through with the same things in the places where I didn't fully complete what I wanted to do or what should continue just as it is.

I feel great, balanced, and confident. I know where I want to go (even outside of what I would blog about), and it feels great.