Thursday, December 17, 2009

No More Best in Canada!

Wait, what? If you're confused, it's all going to become clear in a second. Rogers Communication has won an injunction against Bell (BCE) to force their rivals to stop mentionning "Most reliable".

I am absolutely outraged by this. Not that I like Bell, their customer service is horrible. I don't like Rogers Mobile either, their pricing plans are uselessly high. It bothers me from a marketing/advertising point. This ruling essentially means that from an advertising stand point you can no longer claim to be the best at something.

You may be thinking that I'm over-anylizing the thing. Maybe I am, but someone has to do it. Some of you may not realize the impact to advertisers/designers/communication agents and the double-standard of this ruling.

Bell has never named Rogers in any of their advertising or marketing campaigns. They only claimed to be the best at something. Yet, on the other end, Rogers has been comparing their prices in their mass-public flyers to Bell and directly bashing Bell and Telus in other campaigns for three years now. Yet, it's Bell that gets the boot?

What's absolutely disgusting is that Bell, regardless whether you like them or not, does in a fact have the most reliable network in the country. Studies and longterm data from the CRTC Quality Report, Nexus Telecom Case Studies, and a load of other studies support this. They still old 80%-90% of Canada's marketshare through all the bad press, horrible customer service, and shifty practices strictly because of their network.

If Rogers wants to one day become "most reliable", they'll have to have a "reliable" network outside of big cities. Here in Bathurst, you get two bars at most even around the reception tower with Rogers. Unfortunately for them, even if they manage to become "the best" and can prove it, with this ruling they won't be able to advertise it.

You get what you sow... in life, in business, and justice...