Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Knowledge Review 7 Return

After almost three months, I finally put a tiny bit of time into XNA Xtreme 101 and Knowledge Review 7. I finished the second big piece of the project, the ShapeNode class, and implemented it with the TransformNode class.

The only thing left really is the Command system. But before tackling that, I had a personal challenge to finish... I wanted to modify the rendering engine so it wouldn't follow the starting Unicode character to the bottom (last child) like it was previously.

I didn't like that because it looked like it connected two siblings (in the past screenshot, notice how NodeJ looks like its a child of NodeA? It's not!), as if the latter sibling was the child of the former. For that I needed to somehow find a way to know when I was at the last child of any parent and change the Unicode character to look like the connection was ending at the last child.

This was the hard part for me. My logic-solving is very rusty and this took me over 5 hours just trying to find the logic for this to work. Thanks to cresswga on the 3DBuzz for helping me (without outright giving me the answer).