Monday, September 26, 2011

Precision - In Progress

I know I haven't been posting about working on 3DBuzz stuff in a while, but if you're one to pay attention to the tiniest details, you must've seen the progress bar increasing.

Yes, I've been slaving away minutes here and there for a few months. The final project of 3DBuzz's XNA Xtreme 101 volume 2 is going along pretty well.

I have a controllable player, spawning enemies, collision check, game states... it's really coming along nicely.

I have also taken out the masteringMaya: The Fundamentals bar. I have no interest nor motivation to continue on. I'm still fascinated by 3D Modeling, but I have realized that I cannot do everything, and I have turned the page. I do have plans to pursue other training videos on 3DBuzz after XNA Xtreme 101, all around programming and Web development. Don't be surprised to see a new bar or two one of these days.