Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Disappearance of Header Images

If you're expecting a tutorial or something "trendy" or "up-to-date", you will be disappointed. This is just a [very late] observation post.

Do you remember the Internet of ten years ago? I do. That's when I was in College, learning design, Web development, basic project management... those were the days.

Something I haven't done in years because of my previous role at work is just analyzing the Websites I regularly browse in various ways (design, presentation, navigation, structure, etc). While I never stopped browsing the Web, I never just sat down and analyse what was loaded in my Web browser. Ten years ago, Website headers contained several or one important image that delivered a message or supported the corporate image of the organisation or company. How long ago have these pretty much disappeared?

This change in trend (and, let's face it, Web Usability) is both a Godsend and a challenge from a design perspective. Yes, our dashboard is much simpler and more minimalist... but how do we brand that header? Fun stuff!