Wednesday, November 10, 2010

XML with PHP - Intro

I'm giving myself some homework in this long weekend (for me). I haven't given myself WebDev-related work for quite some time now since I was busy, besides the usual, working on all the design work for the "La voix des jeunes" album (with about two months before things started to slow down again).

It's not necessarily a hard task in terms of logic, but it involved a lot of research/learning from my part before I apply it. It is quite simple. I want to make a PHP application that writes/edits an XML file then renders it.

My goal is to learn an alternate method in dynamically generating content when you don't have the option of a database access. It does happen in local/internal applications.

I'm not going to be the first one in figuring this out, but I will post how I do certain things and dissect the logic behind the madness. I will also post the sources of the information I'm learning as I go along.