Monday, September 6, 2010

Diary of a Personal Shoot (Part 2)

Oats at Dusk

Sometimes, you're at the mercy of multiple factors. Last night, they all fell in place perfectly.

Weather, timing, light, location... everything was perfect to try my experiment.

Preparation was a key element. I checked the weather report multiple times during the day, researched the time of sunset, planned the route to get to the location and when to leave, and so on. With all that information, I knew exactly when to leave to get there a bit before dusk, to setup for the shots. I packed everything I would've needed before hand: Camera, Gary Fong Puffer, Tripod.

I pretty much got there when the sun was setting. This was perfect because I could better see the direction of the light, even though it was very low. I had enough time to take plenty of shots and try out a lot of different things.

After half an hour, I had to pack my things. It was getting much too dark to get the effect I wanted. However, I ended up getting the exact shot I had in mind.