Sunday, August 15, 2010

Achievement Unlocked!

I am still alive, now more than ever. At least I feel more alive. I've been on vacation for the past three weeks, therefore not blogging. Amongst other things, I've been to Montréal for a whole week (I will post a creative synopsis later this week). But that's not why I feel so alive.

One of the many things I've done was one of my goals this year – Break down my own physical limits. What did I do? I hiked up a mountain.

The beautiful panorama seen from the top

With minimal training but with the essential preparation, me, Stéphanie and our best friend Georges set up to hike up the Mt. Sugarloaf in Campbellton. It stands 350 meter (1,000 feet) above sea level with a 900 meter climb. The complete hike is over 4.3 kilometers long (half of the Terry Fox Trail around the mountain and the climb, back and forth).

Screen capture of the GPS screen of the path we hiked.

It was hard and took us about 2 hours to reach the top, including several essential breaks. We struggled through and reached the top. It was incredibly satisfying. The view over the city of Campbellton and the Gaspésie was breathtaking. Now, we feel like we can tackle anything. So much that me and Stéphanie want to do it again. This time with training and more preparation (we sort of ran out of water during the hike...)