Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where I'm Going in 2010... (Gaming)

Something that hit me pretty hard in 2008 is when I realized how jaded I've sort of become to gaming in general. Not the industry, but the way I committed (or lack of) to some games and how this made me feel.

I'm not going to be buying a lot of games this year. I've seriously slowed down buying games in the past 6-8 months and I really don't feel I'm going to come back to my old habits. Keeping this up will have two effects. First is that it won't only make me appreciate the games I already own a bit more, but also appreciate gaming as a whole. Second one is that it will make me finish some long-overdue games. I don't want to finish every game. I've mentioned this before, but I do want to finish some essential games. For example, I never completed [PS3] Assassin's Creed. I'm obviously not going to touch the sequel even though it's what the first game should've been.

Essentially, I want to shift my focus to gaming a bit. I don't want to game more seriously, and I don't want to take it too lightly either. There's a right balance in the middle for me and that's where I believe I should be.