Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The War in your TV

There's a war waging right under your noes... if your noes is in front of the TV right now. The cable and satellite providers are attacking the networks (ironically the networks they are providing) using pseudo-consumers in their ads about a, wrongfully used term, "TV Tax". On the other you have the big networks trying to defend themselves begging the fact that local TV matters.

This war is really disgusting because both sides are manipulating information for their own benefits/agenda. One side is a humiliating plea to save local TV and the other is a badly executed fake Vox-Pop formula with incredibly bad actors and a "host" so full of himself that you just want to punch in the face until he deflates (this statement is meant in a figurative style, not a threat).

How did we get to here? Where one corporate group doesn't want to have their consumers to pay (although they already are paying extra for local TV since last Spring with most providers) and on the other you have the networks that wants to survivability of local television.

The hiccup come from this: The networks are the ones that took the extra CRTC funding meant for local television development for themselves and the providers are the ones already charging you up for it.

Seeing that I live in an area away from any great metropolis where local TV doesn't matter one bit, I'm a strong support of any local-media cause. It's the only way to stay connected within each other. However, it's important to be aware of the facts each side of the TV-war is hiding from you. It doesn't mean that you support local TV that you have to support the big network's cause since they already took the money for themselves, but you shouldn't be supporting the providers because they are already making you pay the so-called "tax".

Don't make your voice heard through STOPtheTVTAX or LOCALMATTERS. They don't need any extra support that would tilt their agenda. Go straight to the people that really matters—Your friends and family (to spread the word) and the CRTC. The CRTC is having a hearing about this in 13 days.