Wednesday, August 26, 2009

...Ending with some Good News! [US and Net Neutrality]

The last time I was on a political-roll, it was a Trilogy. Now is no different. To end off the Political Control of Digital Media Trilogy on a high note.

FCC to Enforce Net Neutrality

The number one issue of the critically minded Web-Generation is the issue of Net Neutrality. The just and responsible freedom of the internet.
One thing I would say so that there is no confusion out there is that this FCC will support net neutrality and will enforce any violation of net neutrality principles.
---Julius Genachowski, FCC Chairman

This is a very reassuring statement. I usually condemn when a political group copies off a law or model from another country when that model or law is broken. But this is one of those things that needs to be copied off everywhere. Finally a high up victory for Net Neutrality.

Now, Neil Berkett can suck it!!!