Friday, July 10, 2009

Starting Knowledge Review 7

I seriously was not expecting this...

The six previous Knowledge Reviews were basically little tests on sections of the C# language. They could take anywhere from five minutes to an hour. After the sixth Knowledge Review was the Object-Oriented Programming 2 section. There's isn't a lot of language involved, but there's a lot of fundamental knowledge. Needless to say, I shouldn't have expected it to be a normal Knowledge Review.

Usually, the introduction to one or more challenge and the solution is contained in a single video. This time is different. The introduction alone was 64 minutes long. The solution is spread though multiple videos (28 videos z0mg).

But what is the challenge about? Without going in too many details, a Directed Acyclic Graph system (Parent-Child relationships) with nodes and a Command Line Interface to create, delete, rename, parent, group all those nodes.

Time to get some paper and a pencil and plan this thing out. I don't expect the planning face to take less than 2-3 hours.