Monday, March 2, 2009

XNA Xtreme 101 - Cannon II Almost Done!

I'm almost done with Cannon II. There are a few things I'd like to add to the project, or at least start designing them for Cannon III, just to make it a little better, such as sound effects. I don't want to go and change the sprites yet since this is going to be done at the end of Cannon III.

I really like the direction of Object-Oriented Programming and the engine-driven concept. There's not much done so far, but enough to make the code easier to read and even cut into the fat since there's a lot of things that we handle ourselves instead of having Windows.Forms handle it for us.

The more I progress, the more concepts I need to bash into my skull. I'm a little rusty with my math and logic, but I know there are logical concepts that will be repeated from project to project, such as "distance". I will probably do a post just on dissecting the logic of Distance. It's super-basic, but it will help me burn it into my mind. Maybe I'll do the same on some other things as I encounter them.