Monday, November 24, 2008

New Phone

Those very close to me know that I've been struggling to keep my cellphone alive. A routine of taking the battery in-and-out just to get it to charge wasn't something that was convinient to do. Now that I think back on it, it was downright annoying to do.

But, no longer!

Ok, that was a bit dramatic. But yeah, I got a new phone. It's a Samsung Instinct with Bell Canada. I can already hear some of you: "Why didn't you get an iPhone instead? The iPhone ROCKS!" etc... I know. I love the device and does what it does great. The answer is quite simple...

In Canada, Rogers Mobile has the exclussivity to the iPhone. It wouldn't be a big deal, but I did my research [reviews, CRTC, Rogers' website, etc]. Conclusion: Rogers Sucks! Okay, they're awesome for Cable TV [normal and digital] and outside of Atlantic Canada, their internet is awesome too. But when it comes to cellphones, there are far better choices for coverage area (49% less coverage than their competitors in Canada), network speed, and prices for the plans (voice and data). Comparing the plans and what they cover compared to competitive plans, it's just not a smart choice to sign up to Rogers Mobile. They have the iPhone, but can't back up the service.

After that out of the way, I researched plans and phones at the two other competitors in New-Brunswick and after three weeks, got my hands on an Instinct.

It's a great phone for me. It's no iPhone and isn't perfect, but really - the iPhone is far from perfect either.