Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The "I-have-too-many-freegin'-hobbies" Cycle

I know some of you can relate to this. We live in a world where we work a third of our lives and sleep another third, with only a remaining third of our lives to do other things.

We also live in a world where 24 hours seem to not be enough anymore. Which is sad because that lifestyle our society seems to force in on us counters my life philosophy.

I'm caught in an awful bind. I have too many hobbies. Attempting to further my skills in one brings me to the brick wall of 'Time'. The bigger 'bind' is finding which one to drop. Each of my hobbies (gaming, multimedia, music, magic, card manipulation, and more...) have or add very valuable or rewarding elements to my life. Sitting down and trying to think of which hobby to drop is a confusing and hard cycle in itself. Each one I hypothetically eliminate, seems to create an hypothetical void in my life. One is the best stress reliever I've ever did, another thought me valuable social skills; while another goes hand-in-hand with my career, and another is my best form of artistic expression.

It's not an easy choice, even less an easy cycle to be in. It's a vicious cycle: the more you try to think about it and solve the problem, the bigger and more confusing the problem gets.

The worst (and sadisticly funnier) thing is that trying to solve this hobby-crisis takes a lot of time in itself...