Monday, June 23, 2008

masteringMaya: The Fundamentals - Project 2 Sprint

I previously mentionned (and ranted) that I was selling my computer. I may have found a buyer. Being the type of guy that likes to be safe, I'm not confirming anything before the computer leaves the appartment—possibly this Saturday.

For numerous reasons, I decided to get a powerful laptop. Smaller size (I am in a smaller appartment), portability, power upgrade from this desktop - it wasn't a hard decision to make.

Something came through my head during the evening. I'm currently in the middle of project 2 of MM:TF on Maya 7 PLE... what if there are compatibility issues with my file and the more recent versions of Maya? I checked and there shouldn't be any issues... but that still gave me an idea...

What if I finish project 2 by the time the buyer comes to get the computer? A final sprint for the last 13 hours of this project. Stéphanie finished her classes for the year and I'm not supposed to do any overtime what so ever this week (except another hour, long story). I figure that if I can run through it intensively and pull an all-nighter Friday night that I can finish it. Thirteen hours of video, and maybe five to ten hours of work... I think this is possible.

I haven't been working on Maya a lot. A lot was happening at work and in my personal life. An intense sprint to finish project 2... very motivating!