Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Little Local Economy Rant

Some of you may know that I'm selling my computer—the beast I built in October 2004. I started advertising it to my close circle and a Facebook group.

This is a computer that I purchased for almost $3000, that every single used components currently worth totals over $2000. Outside the region or province, I could "giveaway" a far less powerful computer for ±$1700.

Why did I just say "outside the region"? I've been looking up the regional and supra-regional (outside) market for used computers and used computer parts for the past three weeks. There is something very wrong with the Chaleur Region and Acadian Peninsula. The computer-economy is rotten!

A used-computer that sells for $1400 in Halifax, would be sold/worth in the regional computer-economy for $150-$200. A similar computer would sell for $1300 in Toronto - case/components only. What the frack is up with that? Why are local sellers and computer businesses getting ripped off by this outrageous rotten economy?

Because I'm in the Acadie-Bathurst region, I'm trapped in a lose-lose situation. I'm either stuck with my computer or I have to litteraly give it away.

I already brought my price down considerably, twice already... and it's still considered a rip-off in the local area. I just don't understand why something so "static" and expensive as a computer would be worth so little just in the region. The region is already losing many battles - healthcare, linguistic, cultural, jobs, etc... Why did we have to get stuck in another losing battle?