Monday, March 24, 2008

Various Updates

Just a quick posts updating you guys on what I'm up to.

I finally uploaded new photos on my Flickr account. It was kind of dead for the last seven or eight months. It was about time that I added stuff there. Some of the pics were taken months ago, but I didn't take the time to upload them. You can check out my Flickr account to check the new photos.

I also, unfortunately for masteringMaya and learning PHP/mySQL, got my hands again on Animal Crossing: Wild World. Regardless of how addicting it is, I put the game down today to do a bunch of stuff (Flickr, this update, later I'm continuing MM:TF). Just to give you an idea, tomorrow I'm getting Nookington's after only a week.

I also figured out a nice little project I could start in PHP and later integrate mySQL functionality as a refresher: A dynamic calendar generator system. I want to first come up with a generic Pseudo-Code that could work in most programming languages to generate the calendar and calculate various elements (days offset, days in a month, etc) without the use of PHP's date functions. I will use PHP's date functions when I create it, thought. I would later add a schedule functionality through mySQL. This is going to be a very nice refresher on a language I started learning a year ago and haven't touched in eight months.

That's about all. Still no news of what's going to happen to me at work. Fear not, I will update you guys as soon as I know anything new.