Monday, January 28, 2008

masteringMaya: The Fundamentals - Update

It's been awhile. I've actually been busy and lazy at the same time. My father's worship band has taken a break from playing in church while they concentrate on their album. I don't play on the album, so that gives me a break. Time I can take and concentrate on finishing masteringMaya: The Fundamentals.

I've given myself a goal on finishing the content, which (by adding a little pressure), adds a lot of motivation and incentive for me to go through it. I love Maya, but sometimes the temptation to just sit on the couch and play the PS3 is way to great. I'm a gamer afterall. I plan to finish MM:TF before this summer.

I've been spending the last few days on shading the Alien Ship. I finished adding shader glow to the ship.

I hope you like the color choice for the glow ;) !

There's only a few videos before completing the project's Advanced Shader lesson. Then it's on to rigging.