Monday, September 10, 2007

New PSP Faceplate

Yesterday I mentionned the PSP Faceplate I ordered. Well, doesn't mess around. When I got home for lunch, there was a package from them at my door step.

Inside was the faceplate, neatly packaged with everything I needed to install it and even extra screws, just in case. I previously had a DGX Flatblack Faceplate. The thing is with the DGX one is that it's not OEM, so installation was a pain and there was a huge issue with the Analog Nub hole of the faceplate not being centered with the analog module, so the upper sensitivity was cut when there was minimal pressure on the nub (tilting the nub fully up didn't make a character run, but walking or tip-toeing instead).

The Camy Pro Gear White OEM Faceplate was really easy to install and remove (dust and tweak) and I no longer have the Analog Nub problem. The faceplate is great. Take a look...