Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is Madness... or is it?

For those that were following my IGN Blog, you knew that I had a deadline for A major photo retouching job. A 51 year old photo to be exact. I forgot to mention that I had 3 other photo retouching jobs to be done on the exact same day. That day is tomorrow.

All 4 projects have to be done today at 6 p.m. so they can be printed to be ready for tomorrow's deadline. You think I'm crazy? You're right.

Last night I finished the 51 year old photo of Stef's grandmother. I also was able to start and finish a picture of my parent's wedding (25 years ago) and one of my cousin's wedding from two years ago (color balance and some artifacts to remove). I only have a very old (undated) picture of my both mother's grandmothers. This one's not really bad (compared to the original photo of Stef's grandmother) but it's still going to be a challenge to get them ready for 6 p.m. tonight.

Once the rush is over, I may upload the results on my DeviantArt account.