Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Political Crisis in Canada - Part 2

Quick history lesson

We see in the news throughout the country, representative of the new coalition all saying the same thing: "Harper can no longer lead the country". I pretty much agree with what they're saying... even more when elected conservative members of various regions of the country are saying the same thing about their own leader.

The coalition was bound to happen after Jim Flaherty's presentation of the Economy Statement last week. There's a problem when the government puts in the effort to attempt to destroy/cut ALL opposing parties. Last Saturday, John Baird said that the conservative were backtracking on their decision (cutting political party funding), however Stephen Harper denied the backtracking the following day.

It's even more revolting when the PM, Stephen Harper, deliberately lies about what the coalition is about in order to twist the public perception of the coalition and deceive Canadians about the facts. This is alarming since Stephen Harper is an amazing liar. Look what happened during the election. He exploited Stéphane Dion's weakness and slandered Dion's election platform. Dion had the best platform, but Harper twisted the facts of Dion's plan to gain votes... sadly, it worked.


Enough ranting, let's get back on what this post was about...

Stephen Harper is accusing the alliance of the three parties that are meant to overthrow him from power to be "Anti-Democratic"... May we remind him that in 2004, while the Liberals (lead by Paul Martin) were in power, the Conservative (lead by Stephen Harper) created an alliance with the Bloc Québécois in order to overthrow Paul Martin from power. Déjà vu?