Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Accidental Cache...

I know I haven't been posting for a while. Those following me in real life know that last week I was on "vacation"... you know the type where you need more vacation to recuperate from the first vacation?

I haven't really been doing anything "blog" worthy, unless you consider getting a repair-guy for a dryer interesting.

Even with this 'activity' drought, me and Stéphanie have stumbled into an interesting game/hobby by accident, and we're loving it.

Geocaching! The Cache we stumbled upon was called "Arret et pense" (Stop and think), so we did...

I say we stumbled on it because we didn't really plan or prepare to get into Geocaching. We don't even have a GPS. It was a random conversation piece yesterday. The more we were talking about it, the more it sounded fun. We randomly checked for one close by and started looking for it on site. We sure were not prepared for the sheer feeling of bliss when you actually find it.

Me and Stéphanie holding our first Cache

Needless to say that we're going to be checking to get a GPS later this summer. There's a Cache right across the street from my parent's house